our audit processin 3 easy steps

To find out how to quickly improve the performance of your affiliate program, just follow these three easy steps!

Step 1

Fill out the contact form below and click 'submit'. We will schedule a call with you to discuss specifics.


We will thoroughly review your program and prepare detailed feedback designed to help you get more out of your affiliate program.

Step 3

We will schedule a 2nd call to go over our summary. At this time, we can discuss strategies for making your affiliate program thrive!

why audit your affiliate program?

Just like a visit to the Doctor reveals your health, an Affiliate Program audit is used to determine the health of an Affiliate Program. A thorough Affiliate Program audit from ThriveOPM will reveal what can be done to improve the effectiveness of an Affiliate Program. We determine where money can be saved, what tasks are not being completed on a regular basis, which opportunities are being taken advantage of and which may be missing.

Free Affiliate Program Audit

We offer a complimentary Affiliate Program audit to find areas where Affiliate Program expenses can be decreased and the Program's profitability and efficiency are increased. A ThriveOPM Affiliate Program Audit will include, at the minimum:

  • Identification of inactive affiliates that are known to generate affiliate sales.
  • Research the affiliate roster to identify any “black-hat” affiliates.
  • Review of previous monthly sales.
  • Determine if there are opportunities not being fully utilized.
  • Discover if affiliates are violating your PPC policies (you do have one, right?).

Please fill out our form and one of our Affiliate Program Auditors will contact you to see if you qualify for a complimentary ThriveOPM Affiliate Program Audit.