Yesterday, I was lucky enough to celebrate my first year anniversary with my wife. October 1st, 2016 was the best day of my life, and a tremendous celebration with friends and family. Our one year mark didn’t enjoy the same intense festivities, but it was special just the same. It allowed me to celebrate one of
Allow a lot of failure, and you’ll meet a lot of success ~ Mélanie Hope This long weekend, I had the pleasure of watching a commercial – quite by accident. I’ll have to admit, I never though I’d write the words “pleasure of watching a commercial” in my life, especially one that aired on American
The start of Summer has many thinking about BBQ’s, vacations and the beach. But in the Affiliate Industry, Summer is the start of planning for holiday promotions and placements. For Affiliate Managers, now is the time to ensure an affiliate program looks it’s best over the coming holiday season. A few critical tasks should be:
The team at ThriveOPM has exciting news! Our team has been hard at work optimizing our operations! What does this mean for you? Optimization allows us to work as a much-more efficient team which results in being able to offer clients the best possible service. Because ThriveOPM is a client-first company, we are glad to pass

Updated Chef V PPC Policy

Chef V has updated their PPC Policy with regard to affiliates. The new policy will be enacted on January 1st, 2017, and applies to all affiliates in the ShareASale network, unless otherwise notified. Please be aware of the following changes, scheduled to to go live on January 1st, 2017: Updated PPC Policy Bidding on the Chef
What are your 2017 Affiliate Managers New Years Resolutions? As the 2016 calendar comes to an end, many Affiliate Managers review their program’s performance throughout the year. A program review is a necessary step which an Affiliate Manager should conduct for every affiliate program they manage. A manager often will review basic metrics: year over
“Communication is the Key to Success”. This idiom is regularly quoted when business leader and counselors discuss an important trait to foster a successful relationship. The affiliate marketing industry is no different. Regular communication with your affiliates is an important element you can easily control to help your affiliates and program become successful. A solid
Q4 Affiliate Strategy
Due to an unforeseen circumstance with a broken lawn mower, this past week I found myself looking for a replacement blade and some additional items to help get my lawn squared away for winter. Clean it up early, and next year will be a bit easier. Unfortunately for me, while checking out our local Walmart, they had –
Q4 Affiliate Sales
Q4 is generally the most important time of year for affiliate sales, as most retail programs expect to see massive gains in their holiday shopping seasons. Additionally, this current year, retail is expected to see gains of 3.6% – but online sales are expected to double or triple those gains. (Source – headquarters) Obviously,
One of the most common questions asked by our clients when launching an affiliate program is, “How much affiliate commissions should we pay?” One simple way to do it is simply to see what your competitors are paying and offer the same if not a slightly higher affiliate commission. However, the best answer is usually